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Good evening! My name is Tunde and my partner is Alan. We live in Ipswich. We would like to thank you for the lovely opportunities we had so far at Bromeswell Fishing Lakes. We fished there on the 10th of September, 14 and 15th of October. It is a fantastic venue specially because I never done carp fishing before these 3 dates. I need to admit I really enjoy this type of fishing as well, as I've been doing some sea fishing already. Alan does both type of fishing and he introduced me to both of them gradually, and now it got to the point that it's a nice way of spending spare time together. Between 2 of us we had 10 fish out of the lake and we lost about 7. But the culminating point was today when we had a double take what we thought it is near to impossible to have a fish each at the same time. We will be returning soon as Kind Regards and Thank You Again Tunde and Alan


A couple of reviews from Facebook.

Jamie Collins reviewed Bromeswell fishing lakes — 5 star
Great venue with some fantastic looking carp, Jon the owner is also a nice guy and makes you very welcome at the matches

Dave Street reviewed Bromeswell fishing lakes — 5 star
Top quality venue with excellent fishing for common, crucian, mirror and grass carp. Tench, roach (big ones!!!!) Rudd, perch, bream and Skimmers. Reasonably priced with helpful bailiffs.


22nd July 2015

On 14 July my brother Ian visited from Kent for a couple of days at Bromeswell. Only one fish on the first day, but as that was a 27 1/4 lb common, he wasn't too disappointed! Caught on ledgered salmon pellet, it took him over most of Horseshoe before we netted it at the cost of a bent net handle. Ian must have formed quite an attachment to it, because, having returned it safely, he overbalanced and followed it in, thereby entering the water and Bromeswell folklore simultaneously.  The whole thing was witnessed with amusement by Mandy (and Mandy's dog).
I had the best of the next day's fishing, with no aquatic drama but two mirror and three common to his one, but all in single figures; the best, around 8lb, is in the third photo.

Regards, Peter White Martlesham Heath.


5th September 2014

Photo of a common carp banked this morning attached. I was after some of the better roach & had changed to a single piece of corn in an effort to get through the small fish. Needless to say, on a float set-up & centre pin loaded with 4lb line it gave a good account of itself! No idea what she weighed, I had scales with me that I use for chub fishing & they banged down at their limit of 12lbs. Looking at the scale pattern on its right shoulder & upper flank & comparing it to shots on your gallery, I believe it may be a mid-double that’s been banked before by Nigel Crowley & Dan Johnston. See what you think.

Mark Brewster Licensed Coach Gipping Valley AC & Suffolk County AAA

4th September

I came fishing at your lakes with my granddad, Bob Wallis, on Monday 1st September. I caught a Carp that was 6lbs and is the biggest fish I have ever caught. I am not sure which lake I was fishing on but I caught it using sweetcorn as bait. My name is Emily Hewitt and I am 11 years old. (See picture Page)

Karen Jordan Stoke High School Orminston Academy

These are a few pictures of the Students from Stoke High School Orminston Academy, they fished the Willow in July this year during their weeks fishing Activity. The group photo was not actually taken at Bromeswell but i was asked by John for a group photo if possible.
The second photo shows student 'Rhys Watkins age 13' with a lovely Bream caught on the Willow in the first 10 minutes which he was chuffed to bits with.
The third photo shows Student 'Jessie Davies also age 13' with his first EVER fish caught! this was caught on the Willow also. Hayden had never been fishing before so this made him very excited.
The fourth photo shows student 'Hayden Thornhill age 13' also with his first ever fish caught. Woop woop.
 The day was very hot so not every student managed to catch as the fish just didn't want to eat, but the students all still had a great time.

karen Jordan - Fishing Activity leader.


Colin Booker 12th August 2013

As Many of you may be aware, EACoE ( Eastern Angling Centre of Excellence) took over the summer fishing this year. We fished Willow for the first day, and all of the youngsters caught several fish, with a few catching their first ever carp. There were carp to over 4 pounds caught plus tench, roach, bream, rudd and dace. Day 2 we fished Horseshoe, and more bream were caught plus a few tench and carp. One really nice roach, just over the pound was caught, together with several rudd. Day three was really another re-run of two, with many carp falling to odd shaped pieces of luncheon meat, mainly small, about a qtr inch. The meat that is!

Another very good three days at this venue, and of course, we will be back.


Hi Jon,  16/04/2013

Thought you may like know we had a great day at Horseshoe Lake on Sunday.  It was nice of you to lay on a little sunshine! Top weight was 79lbs. Second was 69lbs 14ozs then  a bit of a gap to 3rd spot with 34lb 12oz. All caught including a lovely grass carp and some very nice roach.


Neville G.



More good catches, 18/02/2013

I'm not bringing the father in law again. I outdid him with numbers (i had probably 50 or more roach/tench and skimmers) but he bagged 4 carp in the space of 30 minutes.
See you soon

Bob Duarte 


Nice one to start the year off........

My name is Dan Johnston. I thought I would send you my picture of a common carp I caught at your fishery yesterday, Sunday 17/02/2013. It weighed 14lb 7 ounces. An absolutely cracking fish in excellent condition. I would be over the moon if you could put this on your photos page, (no sooner said than done, Michael)

Many thanks
Kind regards



19th September 2012

First cast of the day and first ever Carp for Ben Hembling (10 years old), caught on Sunday 16th September on the Horse Shoe Lake, Caught on a float and sweet corn.Dad Steve had not even finished setting his rod up before hearing Ben shout I've got one !The fish weighed five and a quarter pound, Ben has only just started the sport and has only been fishing five times

Best regards Steve Hembling

17th September 2012

Hi, I took my 7 year old daughter to horseshoe lake on the 9th September. We had a great time and caught plenty of fish. My daughter had these within an hour of setting up on her float rod. This was the first carp she had ever caught, what a way to start! :-)
Regards, Luke

21 June 2012

Dear Jon
Please see attached my favourite fish from the first weekend (see Picture Page) I visited your excellent lakes (18/19/20 May), 3 days fishing on the bounce was a record for me too but with fishing this exciting why not!. The biggest weighed in at 7 1/2 lb but with so many fish up to this size and fish much larger to go for it is very good sport.
Last Saturday didn't end badly either!. After a wind swept day, all other anglers had left by about 5:30 and I was giving up hope of catching. The clouds came in about 7 and it looked like rain, my ledger had gone off twice in an hour and both times I lost decent fish, so I started packing up whilst leaving the ledger until last as usual. At about 8:20 the ledger shot off and after a 25 minute battle I landed a new PB 13lb 1oz common. How happy was I except there was nobody left to take my mug shot with the fish! See picture attached. Cheers.
See you again soon I hope.
Adam Shelcot

Hey, (18.04.2012)

Here are the photos of the 14lb Common Carp I caught with my pole in the Horseshoe Lake, as promised.
Thanks again for great day at the lake - I had a good day fishing with my son, Rhys.
Thank you, Paul



Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th April 2012. Two days fishing for youngsters,
funded by S.C.C.
The weather could have been a little kinder, but over the two days, Bream, Tench, Dace, Common carp, Ghost Carp, Roach and Rudd were caught.
The lads and lasses all caught several fish each, many good sized roach and rudd amongst the scores. The courses were for half or full days, and judging by the smiles, there were many future anglers in the numbers.
Both the students and parents gave excellent feedback on the course, and were already asking about summer sessions.
It is an easy venue for coaching, having shallow margins, plenty of fish, and the layout means good visibility for supervision on the pegs.
We’re back with S.C.D.C. during August!

Colin Booker.

11th April

Some more reasonable carp from Bromeswell. The ghost is particularly nice and weighed in at 4lb 12oz. The larger carp was 5lb 13oz. Took an age to get it in the net! (See Picture page)
Thanks again for another great day's fishing.


2nd April 2011

Not sure if you can use these - I had nobody to photograph me with it.  The bigger carp was around 4lb - I couldn't find my scales. The second was 1lb 6oz - what a beauty and so unusual. The tench was just shy of 2lbs
 Had  great time, all my fish, and I reckon i had near on 30, skimmers, tench, roach and 3 carp, were caught on curried sweetcorn and light waggler rig. Nothing special.
Thanks again for a great day

(See picture page)

An after thought from Bob.....

Thanks Michael! They look better on your website. Hope to be back very soon I had such a fantastic day and fresh back in to fishing after a 30 year absence.